East Coast RepRap Festival 2018

What is the East Coast RepRap Festival?

To answer this question, first we have to go back to its inspiration, the awesomeness that was the 2017 Midwest RepRap Festival, held in Goshen, Indiana. The Midwest RepRap Festival, or MRRF, was a big slice of 3D printing happiness, with wall to wall 3D printing enthusiasts, prints, products, talks and, of course, 3D printers! For those into 3D printing, MRRF is/was the happiest of happy places! It was so much fun that our group of 3D printing enthusiasts have come together to spread the RepRap & 3D printing love by bringing the MRRF 3D printing experience and then some, to the East Coast.

Having the blessing of John Olafson and Sonny Monicou the founders of the MidWest RepRap Festival, we aim to produce a premier 3D Printing event on the East Coast, celebrating the diversity baked into the DNA throughout our industry and community. We are planning the East Coast RepRap Festival right now and will be brininging it to you June 22, 23 & 24, 2018!

And if you don’t bring your own 3D printing stuff to show off, come to see other’s printers in action. Come to see the things they printed, come to see the things they are printing!

  • Spaceships & rockets
  • Droids & blasters
  • Working violins & guitars
  • Furniture
  • R/C cars, drones and planes
  • Replications of artifacts
  • Artworks of all types, sizes, shapes and colors!

There will be a dedicated presentation stage, ‘The Build Platform’, where both industry experts and community members are invited to give talks about any facet of 3D printing. We already have several folks lined up to speak 3D Printing & Making with us, sharing their knowledge and experiences. Do you have a topic that you’d like to present? Let us know!

If that wasn’t exciting enough, we will have fierce competition at the East Coast RepRap festival, we will have, to the very best of our knowledge, the FIRST 3D Printed Derby race! Think about the Boy Scout’s Pinewood Derby, now 3D print the car instead of carving a block of wood, yeah that’s what we are doing! It’s time to design and print your own derby racer! Registration will be limited for this exciting event. Look for a separate registration process for this in the future.

The East Coast RepRap Festival will be 17,000 square feet of 3D printing and more! Vendors will be showcasing the latest 3D printing wares, while 3D printing makers will be showing off the things they 3D printed. Whether you know all about 3D printing, or just learning the differences between a Cartesian printer vs. a delta style printer, this event will be for you!

We would like to thank our event sponsors who have signed on with us thus far…

Printed Solid





Mosaic Manufacturing


Budmen Industries

We appreciate that these companies share our vision for an exciting event and will be thrilled to see them at the East Coast RepRap Festival! Contact us at info@EastCoastRepRapFest.com if you would like information on becoming a sponsor for the Inaugural East Coast RepRap Festival!