Kingdom Hearts Orchestra – World Tour

KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra – World Tour
Philadelphia – August 2, 2018 (Mann Centre)
100+ Musician and Choir – HD Giant Screen Video Projection
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KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra-World Tour- Encore! The official KINGDOM HEARTS video game concert series goes back on tour starting June 2018. The acclaimed world-class quality orchestral performances will thrill tens of thousands more fans around the globe!

After celebrating the 15th anniversary of the KINGDOM HEARTS video game series in major cities with the launch of the first-ever official orchestral concert tour in 2017, the KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra – World Tour – concert series is back on the road for a second wave of worldwide performances starting June 2018. Discover the acclaimed concert produced under the supervision of game director Tetsuya Nomura himself, and with music program supervised by original composer Yoko Shimomura!

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