Halloween – Maker Style!

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays!  Especially when it comes to creating unique and memorable costumes.  I never fail to put together a minimum of two or three different costumes for various parties and, of course, a family theme for the big event of trick-or-treating.  My wardrobe of costuming has been growing since discovering the world of comic cons, anime, and cosplay in college – mixing comic culture, costuming, and role playing – be still my heart! Otakon in Baltimore, MD’s inner harbor was a favorite summer adventure with school friends.

I’m always in awe of amazing handmade items that can be found in Etsy’s Halloween Shop – a perfect place to pick up some crafty ideas for making your own creations.

This year I restrained myself to one couple’s costume and one family themed costume.  My husband and I got in touch with our German heritage as an Oktoberfest couple for outtings with friends and chose Toy Story for our family theme, featuring Rex and Jessie, with the help of our pint sized Buzzlight year, and we even helped one of those cute little alien’s escape from  The Claw at Pizza Planet. Due to lack of time, most of the costume bits and pieces were store bought this year, however, with the help of my Crafty Cousins I did manage to DiY most of the Jessie costume, including a Pinterest inspired Yarn Headband Wig! Sneak peek below!

Supplies I used for this Project:


Jumping a little further in the world of 3D printing these days, one of my favorite sites, All3DP, came out with Top 13 Scary Things to 3D Print Halloween.  As a long time Mario fan, I’m loving Number 6, The Mario Boo container.  But Number 13 takes the win in my book, The Frankenstein Light Switch.  This is one I’d like to try for our home workshop, my boys would get a kick out of it!


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Cheers! –modtinker @ST3AMpunks