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STEAMpunks.online was inspired through the personal, academic, and professional adventures of a band and comic geek, Disney fanatic, gamer, graphic designer, web developer, photographer, writer, art director, and most importantly, crafty and thrifty mom of four, who currently functions as a creative in the world of engineering research & development.

Stumbling across RISD’s STEM to STEAM initiative quickly peaked an interest.  I have long believed that many innovators have achieved goals by successfully bridging the arts and sciences in conjunction with innovative business strategy and a healthy balance of stewardship, charismatic, and visionary leadership.  Innovation requires opportunities in order to occur, through open and respectful collaborative engagement and knowledge sharing, we may be able to significantly increase opportunities for new or improved ideas.

The blog material and resources on STEAMpunks.online may be considered food for thought and community engagement in the teaching and discovery of topics related to creativity, innovation, crafting, technology, and pursuit of academic research in areas of design, user experience, makerspace design & operations, rapid prototyping technology, creativity in collaboration, innovation metrics, management education and pedagogy.

I’m hopeful that others may be inspired to engage, learn, and share experiences of making things and bringing creative thinking into their lives and endeavors.  I’m always glad to help others in their journeys of creative teaching and knowledge discovery, in hopes of avoiding some pitfalls or tackling challenges faster.

Most material, learning, and teaching resources on STEAMpunks.online follow these ideas:

1. Incorporating the creative arts & design into STEM may significantly enhance academic experience and drive innovation.

2. Opportunities for innovation may be significantly increased through diverse teaming, collaborative engagement, and creative problem solving skills.

3. Creative exercises may be utilized as a tool for inspiration, motivation, management education, and team building.

4. Four significant themes relative to the Significance of Participation in an Innovation Training Program on the Perception of Creative Behaviors.

Qualitative Exploratory Case Study: The Significance of Participation in an Innovation Training Program on the Perception of Creative Behaviors

  • Theme 1: Essential to Innovation
  • Theme 2: Applicable to Daily Activities and Organization
  • Theme 3: New Skills and Methodologies Learned
  • Theme 4: Significant Perceptions and Beliefs

5. STEAM DiY – Including creative arts & crafts!

STEAMpunks.online strives to feature unique, affordable tools for creative learning and opportunities for collaborative engagement.

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